Island Vis

Vis is one of the islands in Central Dalmatia with the surface of 90,3 km2 and highest peak Hum with 587 m. It is represented with the clear blue sea, numerous bays with sandy and pebble beaches, attractive must-see caves, historical monuments and local museums, vineyards and family-owned farms and restaurants. Well-preserved natural beauties make one of the greatest values of Vis as a tourist destination with a mild Mediterranean climate (average temperature is 9° C in January and 24° C in July). Beaches on Vis are also well known - most famous are Stiniva, Srebrna, Zaglav, Stoncica, Kamenice, Grandovac, Smokova, Mala Travna, Veli Teplus... There are also 2 famous cave pearls of Vis - Blue Cave on islat Bisevo and Green Cave on islet Ravnik. Less known, land cave is Queen's Cave on island Vis.

Rukavac where apartments Carmen is situated is most know for its beaches Mali Teplus, Veli Teplus, Srebrna and nudist beach (FKK) Bili bok. Islets Ravnik (where the Green Cave is) and Mali & Veli Budihovac are just a couple of minutes boat drive from Rukavac small port.

There are two small towns on the island – Vis and Komiza and many villages; amongst them more known are Rukavac, Milna, Podselje, Podspilje, Marine Zemlje, Podhumlje, Plisko polje... Town Vis is situated in south wind – protected larger bay on the northeast side of the island, it is looking towards island Hvar and the mainland that is on about 30 nautical miles of distance. Vis harbour is of great importance to the whole island as it has daily ferry and catamaran lines connecting it to towns Split as well as weekly lines to Hvar on island Hvar and Milna on island Brac. To reach Vis from Split with a ferry you need about 2:10 hours and with a catamaran about 1:15 hour. More about all the ferry and catamaran connections with Vis, please check following sites:  and

Other - fishermen's town Komiza is located in big bay on the west side of the island and it is partly protected from the winds with island Bisevo on the west that is very well – known for its famous Blue Cave – one of the most beautiful attractions of nature on Croatian Adriatic. A part of Komiza municipality, except the town and smaller villages surrounding it, also make islets Svetac (Sv. Andrija), Jabuka, Palagruza, Bisevo and Brusnik that are popular with guests that like taking daily excursions and enjoy sea activities. These excursions usually start from town Komiza. Komiza is recognized for Muster – Church of St. Nicolas that is situated on a small hill top on the edge of town and for Komuna – a rennesaince tower in the town's centre where you can find Fishermen's museum, famous “gajeta falkusa” - traditional wooden fishermen's boat made in Komiza for centuries and „komiska pogaca“ – one of the island's specialties.    
Both in Vis and Komiza you can find a pharmacy, clinic, bank and post office, summer cinema while the only petrol station on the island is situated in town Vis. There is a standard local bus line that connects Vis and Komiza (at the time of arrival/departures of ferries and catamarans) and a local inner island bus line that connects smaller villages with Vis and Komiza on weekly basis. For your pleasant and exciting holidays on island Vis, we recommend you to visit at least a couple of events and locations that island Vis is famous for.

Sites and places to see:
- Blue Cave and sandy beach Porat on island Bisevo
- Green Cave on islet Ravnik
- Islets Budihovac Veli with small farm and restaurant
- Queen's Cave near village Okljucna
- Tito's Cave near village Zena Glava (II World War memorial)
- Archaeological Museum (located in the former fortress of Our Lady's battery) and antic excavations in town Vis
- Fishermen’s museum in town Komiza
- One of the most beautiful beaches in Europe – Stiniva
- Lighthouse and beach Stoncica, beaches Zaglav, Srebrna, Veli Teplus, Kamenice, Grandovac...
- Domestic household restaurants in Plisko polje, Marine Zemlje...
- Island hill top Hum with small church of Sv. Duh (Holy Spirit)
- Svitnjok festivities in Vis and Podspilje (end January)
- Carnival Dance in Podspilje (February or March)
- PMS Women's regatta in Vis bay (2nd weekend in March)
- Marinković connects us (celebration of the written word by Croatian writer, 3rd weekend in April)
- Town Vis' patron St. George festivities (week round the patron's day – April 23rd)
- Adriatic Race in Vis (last weekend in April)
- International Cricket tournament „William Hoste“ in Plisko Polje (1st weekend in May)
- Komiza regatta (last weekend in May)
- Festival of traditional klapa (a capella) singing (mid June and mid September)
- Festival of the Sea and Rota Palagruzona (traditional gajeta falkusa sailing from Komiza to Palagruza, late June)
- Traditional organ music festival in Komiza and Vis (mid July – mid August)
- Big game fishing and “Little” game fishing (for kids) in Komiza (late July)
- Commemorative day for Battle of Vis in town Vis (July 20th)
- Poetry evening in Green Cave (islet Ravnik) and Fishermen's night in Rukavac (last Friday of July)
- Fishermen's night in town Vis (last Saturday in July)
- Summer of culture in Vis (July and August)
- Komiza summer festival (July and August)
- Fishermen's night in Komiza (1st Saturday in August)
- Ballet summer school in Komiza (August)
- BESA Theatre camp in Komiza (2 weeks in August)
- Our Lady of Assumption procession and celebration in Podselje and Marine Zemlje (August 15th)
- Vis Swimming Marathon in town Vis (1st Saturday after Our Lady of Assumption)
- Bisevo's night (late August)
- Celebration of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Podspilje (September 8th)
- Island's product fair and Carrob festival in Komiza (mid September)
- Sabatina Dance in Podselje (last week of October, end of grape picking season)
- Vis regatta (central weekend in October)
- St. Nicolas Regatta and Komiza's patron St. Nicolas festivities (week round the patron's day - December 6th)
- Festivities for St. Silvester, patron of islet Bisevo (December 31st)